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Smokin' pecan

Pecan Shell Pellets

Pecan Shell Pellets

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Our Pecan Shell Pellets are eco-friendly smoking pellets that can be used for barbeque or smoking. Pecan shell pellets are a byproduct of the pecan shelling process and 100% natural and chemical-free! No trees were harmed in the creation of our product, therefore, they are excellent, sustainable alternative pellets for grilling.

Pecan shell pellets have a robust flavor that works well with any type of meat, from beef to chicken to fish. Be inspired and fire up your smoker!

*Pecan pellet bags are clear





15 lb

Care Instructions

Our Pecan Pellets are sold in a reclosable plastic bag. Store them in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

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Greg Waid
Recent new customer

Great product will be buying more soon!

Michael kison
Plenty of smoke at all temperatures

I was watching a Smoking Joes video where he was doing a brisket using your product. Thought I would follow along. Product arrived sooner than expected. Tried out on a 3lb. Chuck Roast. Filled up the Z Grill smoker with Smokin Pecan pellets, hit the switch, and I can say that we had plenty of smoke as I started out at 180 and progressed up to 225. Finished at 8 hours and smoke did not taper off as the temps went higher. Wrapped roast and moved up to 250, same result plenty of Smoke. Off to the Cambro for a long rest. Following day, sliced into what turned out to be best roast yet. Will continue to use these pellets and I am spreading the word. Fantastic product! Thank you, Smokin Pecan.

Brian K
Problem solved

They definitely smoke more than any other pellet that I have used. IMO, Fixes the issue of pellet smokers burning to clean. They gave a nice smoke flavor and bark to my cooks that were shorter in time. Great product!

You will get the ever elusive pellet grill smoke ring.

First try with these pellets was a standing rib roast 2 1/2 hour at 225 degrees, amazing aroma plenty of smoke, perfect mahogany color, and THE smoke ring. Check out Smokin Joe's pit BBQ, smoked brisket with everything bagel seasoning on YouTube. See what the Pro thinks.

Steve Smith
Best ribs I've made on my Pit Boss

Just finished some baby backs on my pellet smoker with smokin pecan pellets. These were hands down the best ribs I've cooked on a pellet smoker in the 2 years I've owned it. Excellent smoke flavor. Also had a chicken on at the same time, my wife said it was excellent too.

Looking forward to trying it on brisket.


Our 100% natural pecan shell pellets pair well with anything. Give them a try with:

• Beef

• Poultry

• Pork

• Seafood

• Vegetables