About Smokin' Pecan

Four Generations of Pecan Loving & Barbecue Eating

Way back when our family has had a presence in the agriculture and ranching arenas, but our pecan roots began in the early 1950s when our great grandfather, Clay Meyer Sr., began growing native pecan trees in Texas. Our grandfather, Newell Atkinson III, entered the pecan industry in the late 1950s and was followed by our dad, Newell Atkinson IV, expanding the business. We have been blessed immensely to have had many generations of mentors as our family enters its fourth generation in the family business. Throughout the years our family has dipped their toes in just about every part of the pecan industry but now focus on buying pecans anywhere pecans are produced, storing pecans in Texas, Louisiana and Georgia, and a pecan shelling facility and retail store located in Mansfield, Louisiana.

As our pecan shelling facility has grown, we began to look for new and innovative ways of using our byproduct- pecan shells. That’s when the lightbulb went off and we connected our love of pecans with our love of great food and our desire for a more sustainable future! Having been long time BBQ afficionados it was only natural we fell into pellet grilling and smoking. So, in 2019 we began our journey to make the best pellets using our pecan shells. What really began as a fun project for ourselves and our family and friends grew into Smokin’ Pecan delivering the best pellets straight to your door.

 We are proud to continue our family legacy in the pecan industry and are committed to not only producing quality products but also to making room for more sustainable practices in our business. We believe you can’t really get more eco-friendly than using the fruits, or in our case nuts, that Mother Nature has given us to use every single part of it to make excellent and environmentally sustainable pellets.

 Give our pellets a try- we know you will love them just as much as we do! Save the trees. Burn the shells!


Happy BBQing,

The Atkinsons


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