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Smokin' pecan

Pecan Shells - 15 lb Box

Pecan Shells - 15 lb Box

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Were you looking for a natural and flavorful way to enhance your BBQ? Look no further than pecan shells! These often overlooked shells are an excellent fuel source for smoking meat, offering a unique, nutty flavor that can take your smoked meats to the next level. It is recommended to soak the shells in water before adding them to your fire or smoker and enjoy the enhanced flavor of this natural seasoning. Pecan shells burn hotter and longer than most other wood materials, making them ideal for larger cuts of meat. Find out why pit masters and meat smokers swear by pecan shells - try them today and taste the difference for yourself!

Note: Smokin' Pecan shells have been processed and cleaned. However, there may be a few pecan pieces found in a box of shells. They're perfectly safe to use as fuel. 


California Prop 65 Warning: Burning pellets or pecan shells can result in the emission of carbon monoxide, soot, and other combustion byproducts that are known by the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. For more information go to



No wood, additives, fillers, binders just pecan shell.



Pecan Shell Pellets Box: 20 lb

Pecan Shell Box: 15 lb

Care Instructions

Store them in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chris Machado
Love this product!

I bought a Pit Boss smoker to begin my smoking journey. I always saw Smokin’ Joe’s Pit BBQ use this product and I tried it. The smoke you get from them is unparalleled. The flavor it produces is phenomenal. I highly recommend you try!👍🏽😎

Becky Visser Breezer
Love ❤️

I love the crushed pecan shells add such a beautiful aroma to my grill!

Ian Johnston
Pecan shells are unique

Very subtle smoke but leaves an excellent smoke ring. The flavor is excellent and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try something with a different flavor.

John D
Smoke flavor on small pellet grill

Seen Smoken Joes Pitt bbq using these and wanted to try them. Have GMG Davey Crocket and tried several different pellet types at low temps but food rarely tasted like it was smoked. The pecan shells did the trick. I do have to initially open cooking chamber door when cracking up to high temps so the shells ignite but that’s not an issue.

Lawrence Aaker
Simply awesome!!!

More smoke is an understatement. My neighbors almost called the fire department. There was so much smoke. And the flavor on those pork butts were phenomenal!!


Our 100% natural pecan shell pellets & shells pair well with anything. Give them a try with:

• Beef

• Poultry

• Pork

• Seafood

• Vegetables