What's New with Smokin' Pecan

What's New with Smokin' Pecan

More Product & Better Packaging is here! 

We've been busy since we launched Smokin' Pecan in December 2022. In 6 months, we've shipped to 43 states, gained recognition in the BBQ industry, and were even called "The Best New Pellet Smoker Pellets of 2023".
We're sending out our first newsletter to inform you of some new products and updates going on at Smokin' Pecan:


We've added 5 LBS to our box and are now selling 20 LBS of pecan shell pellets in a new pour spot style box for easier pouring and convenient storage of our pecan shell pellets.
Pecan Pellets Made of Pecan Shells - Smokin' Pecan - Easy Pour BoxEasy Pour Pellet Box - Smokin' Pecan


15 LB Pecan Shell Box for our friends without pellet smokers
Pecan Shells for BBQing - Smokin' Pecan


We have updated our shipping policy to a flat rate of $5.99 on orders under $60. Orders over $60 will receive free shipping.
We hope y'all are as excited about our new packaging and product as we are! The support of our customers, family, and friends means the world to us as we grow our small family business. THANK YOU!
- The Smokin' Pecan Family
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