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Texas Style Smoked Turkey Breast Recipe Using Smokin' Pecan Pellets

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you're probably on the hunt for Smoked Turkey videos. Smokin' Joe's Pit BBQ shares his "How To Smoke a Turkey Breast like Texas BBQ Joints" and its perfection. The perfect smoked turkey breast that combines time-honored smoking methods with the zesty charm of granulated garlic, black pepper, and smoked paprika. Here's how Joe crafted this succulent turkey breast using Smokin' Pecan's signature pellets!



  • One 6 pound skin-on turkey breast
  • Smokin’ Pecan Pellets
  • Granulated garlic, enough to liberally season both sides of the turkey breast
  • 16 Mesh black pepper
  • Smoked paprika (Spanish style)
  • Half a stick of butter, melted
  • Yoder YS640 pellet smoker or similar model


Recipe for the Perfect Smoked Turkey Breast

Pellets Selection

Choosing the right pellets plays a pivotal role in achieving a smoked masterpiece. Joe swears by Smokin’ Pecan Pellets, which are pure pecan shells devoid of any additives, binders, or adhesives. Beyond infusing the meat with a sublime smoky flavor, these pellets also generate ample smoke, ensuring the aroma and taste penetrate deeply into the turkey. The charm of pecan shell pellets lies in the rich, mellow notes they impart, setting them apart from oak, apple, or hickory pellets.

Preparing the Turkey Breast

Finding the right turkey breast is akin to laying the foundation for a great structure. A six-pound skin-on turkey breast serves as an ideal canvas for this smoking art. If commercial outlets don't stock it, try local butchers or restaurant supply stores, who often have a fresher and wider variety.

The skill lies in the removal of the skin. While it might seem like a simple peel-off, using a sharp knife ensures that you maintain the integrity of the meat underneath.

Many turkeys are sold pre-brined, meaning they're laden with salt which can overpower the dish. Joe's expert tip? Soak the turkey in cold water, occasionally agitating it, to help shed surface salt. For those keen on extracting as much salt as possible, an overnight refrigeration while submerged in water works wonders.

The Seasoning Sensation

Once prepped, ensure the turkey breast is dried thoroughly using paper towels. This ensures the seasonings cling well. Begin your seasoning journey from the back. Lavishly spread granulated garlic, ensuring even distribution. It's a delicate balance, as you want the flavor without the overpowering punch.

Next comes the 16 Mesh black pepper. While turkey can hold its own, remember it's a more subtle flavor compared to brawny meats like brisket, so a gentle hand with the pepper works best. Joe likes to use dash of smoked paprika, Spanish style. The vibrant red hue and the deep smoky undertone of this paprika make it a game-changer.

The Smoking Process

Shaping the turkey is as crucial as seasoning. Ensure it's rounded, tucking the tail end in. This spherical shape ensures even cooking, a detail often overlooked by novices. Joe trusts the Yoder Y640 pellet smoker for this task, though any pellet smoker will do the job. Set the smoker to 250 degrees and let the magic unfold. At the two-hour mark, a quick temperature check is recommended. A reading of 145 degrees signals it's time to transition to the next step.


This phase is where the turkey gets its spa treatment. As the temperature reaches between 140 to 145 degrees, wrap the turkey snugly in foil. Drizzle the half a stick of melted butter on it and secure the wrap to ensure the flavors meld and the meat remains juicy.

The Taste Test

Cook the turkey until an internal temperature of 160 degrees is reached. Given the foil's heat conduction, this is likely to happen quickly. Once done, let the turkey rest for about 10 minutes. The grand reveal showcases a turkey breast that's moist, tender, with hues of golden brown. The trinity of black pepper, garlic, and smoked paprika harmoniously sings, creating a symphony of flavors. But the true maestro, the pecan shell pellets, dominate with their unparalleled smoky notes.


Seize the Flavor

Joe’s turkey is not just meant to be admired, but savored. It’s a juicy, tender masterpiece with a delightful smoky aroma and a taste to match - perfect for a tasty dinner or a quick lunch.

If you're inspired to recreate Joe's perfect smoked turkey, remember that Smokin’ Pecan Pellets play a vital role in achieving that rich, smoky flavor. And remember to subscribe to Smokin’ Joe’s Pit BBQ on YouTube for more mouth-watering barbecue adventures!


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